About Me

Me doing the MS Challenge walk (50 miles in 3 days)

Who am I?

My name is Steve (AKA: Darkavich). I am a System and Network engineer who has been in the IT field for over 30 years. I got my start in the early 1980’s when I went to school one day and our math instructor called me into the room and showed me a bunch of boxes from Apple. We had received 14 Apple II+ computers with a Corvus storage device. This was my very first experience with user or touching a computer.

Since my first experience, I have have worked in IT almost exclusively in my career. I have worked in the Public and Private sectors as well as run my own IT consulting company. I have also been an IT Instructor training new system administrators.

I am still working as a system administrator and I am constantly amazed at the changes in technology since I first started. I have also realized that there are so many system administrator that have little or no formal training. They struggle with some of basic concepts. I try to provide mentoring and training where I can. When I started my career, I was very lucky to work with two amazing system administrators who would always answer my questions and make sure I understood the concepts and answers. This has guided me through my career and I try to give back every chance I can.

What am I doing?

I have decided to start documenting my knowledge and tips and tricks I have picked up over my many decades. I don’t profess to know everything, nobody really can. A lot of what I know can be done in other ways so there is never really only one way to do things.

I hope you find my YouTube posts useful. Note, that I am in the very early stages of developing my site and content, so if you have found me before my official launch, welcome. If you have any suggestions for topics or reviews, please leave a comment or email me at steve@syncsyncreboot.com

Why sync; sync; reboot?

Why did I choose this name? I had several I was thinking about, but I discovered that this is one of the most misunderstood things a system administrator does. Since my blog and YouTube channel is all about understanding why and how we do things, I thought this would an appropriate name. One of my first video blogs will be to go into detail about the sync command.